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Children are earning millions each year acting and modeling in local, regional and national television commercials.


You won’t know until you try!


College Tuition would be nice…in this economy…huh?

 Are you ready?



The ONLY service of its kind for kids UNDER 5… anywhere!

We’re backed by the power of PayPal!

We’re a VERIFIED Merchant! 🙂

For any “skeptical” parents, PayPal is one of the most SECURE payment services in the world. Companies, unlike consumer accounts, go through extensive background checks in order to be approved (“verified”) by PayPal! They also offer 100% Buyer Protection to you! You are protected! PayPal will NOT associate themselves with shady companies, on line scams, Nigerian rip offs, etc. In other words, you’re in good hands!

NO DRAMA Mama’s! aka: TV’s “Toddlers & Tiaras” Psycho Moms!

What constitutes a great Industry Mother or Father?

1. No drama

2. Returns phone calls promptly

3. Arrives at auditions and jobs ON TIME

4. Makes sure their child is well rested and fed

5. The parent brings all necessary work permits, photo’s, dialogue, etc.

6. Does not tell the director how to get their child to smile, behave etc.

7. Not a butt-in-ski

8. Not a “know it all”

9. Has patience on the set

10. Does not call agent and bug them all the time.

11. Is organized and prompt at all times.

12. Keeps records

13. Polite and easy going

14. Flexible with time

15. Does NOT turn down any audition!

16. Is not freaked out by taking their child out of school

17. Parents that apply pressure on the child before the audition, or get upset when their child doesn’t get a call back

18. A parent that doesn’t work 80 hours a week!!!!!!

Drama Mama’s need NOT apply!


For parents who don’t want to spend ANY money…SAG fees, etc.-Reality Check…Read This!

For parents who do NOT want to spend any money trying to get their child into modeling…If your child is 4 yrs. and above and books a union commercial….

Here is just one example of money you may have to fork out…

The current initiation for Screen Actors Guild fees are $2,277.00

If you have No earnings in a year, you only pay the base amount of…$116.00 2 payments of $58.00, that is after you pay the initial amount to join.

Once a member you will pay on earnings of

$1.00 to $200,00… 1.85% on your SAG earnings

$200,000      and above a different % applies

You will also be responsible for parking, pictures, any commercial workshops that your agent suggests, possibly ZED cards, and the charges for the casting sites that your agency uses.

Soooo, if you have no idea what it takes, or don’t want to spend a penny doing this, it’s probably not for you right now.  Unfortunately, when your dealing with a brand spankin’ new young child with NO RESUME (CREDITS) or professional legal representation, there’s no easy, quick or free way into this!